Asana Guide

After years of fruitless searching for the Holy Grail of productivity tools, Asana was the first tool that finally helped me effectively manage chaos, minimize stress, and whittle down a to do list that was longer than the Nile. How did Asana accomplish this? And how can it do the same for you? 1) Asana helps you develop an effective, personalized productivity system. 2) Asana helps you overcome overwhelm. 3) Asana helps you get more done. 4) Asana helps you get more of the right things done. 5) Asana helps you better manage teams, tasks, projects, conversations, and files. 6) Asana helps free up more time to do what you love.

Be Happier, Healthier & More Productive with Asana

Language Mastery

I created the Language Mastery blog, The Language Mastery Show, The Language Mastery Insider, and my series of language guides to help adult learners reach their foreign language acquisition goals as quickly, cheaply, and enjoyably as possible. Learning a foreign language well does of course require an investment of time, energy, and money, but if you are smart about it, the process will take far less of all three currencies and evolve into a ridiculously rewarding process you look on with joy instead of dread.

I Want to Learn a Language the Fun Way

Master Japanese

Master Japanese shares the tools and resources you need to learn languages the fun, modern way, leveraging technology instead of drudgery, intelligent use of psychology instead of sheer willpower, and free online resources instead of back-breaking, budget-busting, tree-killing books. The guide enables you to learn whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want.

I Want Tips & Tools to Learn Japanese

Master Mandarin

You don’t need to spend thousands on classes. You don’t need boring textbooks. You don’t need to be good at languages. And you don’t have to move to China or Taiwan (though that’s great if you can). What you need are the right tools, “S.M.A.R.T.” goals, adult-friendly methods, and fun materials suited to your interests that will help you internalize the language naturally, understand what you hear, and speak with speed and confidence. This is precisely what Master Mandarin provides.

I Want Tips & Tools to Learn Mandarin

Flourish Fundamentals

Flourish Fundamentals is dedicated to helping overcome the rampant health woes plaguing modern societies—including sugar addiction, digestive problems, and obesity—through proper nutrition. The path to restoring your health will require making some major changes to the way you eat and live, but the myriad benefits are well worth the extra time in the kitchen: a slimmer waist, increased energy, better sleep, stronger drive and libido, improved skin, and more. You don’t have to go it alone; we are here to help.

I Want Help Getting Back to Health